Meter & Supply Co.


Regal Brand

     Southwest Meter & Supply Company was incorporated in 1957 with the home office in Marshall, Texas.  In 1947 the company operated under the Southern Meter name and for ten years did water meter repair from cities covering 6 states.  We still offer a meter accuracy testing services using the Ford Meter Box test bench.  We can test for accuracy 5/8" thru 2" multi-jet or positive displacement meters.

     We now distribute water works products to include:

          Smith Blair clamps and couplings

          Ford Meter Box brass fittings

          Hymax couplings

          Master Meter meters which include the radio-read 3G system and Octave meters

          Sch 80 pvc pipe fittings

          Ridgid-Reed-Wheeler Rex tools

     We specialize in chlorinator sales and service for the Regal and Superior gas chlorinators.  Additionally we can supply scales, gas leak detectors, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), flow-proportional feed systems and much more.

     With over 30 years experience, many times your chlorinator problem can be identified with just a phone call or email.

Repair shop to repair Regal and Superior chlorinator units

Large in-stock inventory of parts and regulators for same day shipping

Also, *FloQuip hydraulic scales, *Scaletron digital scales (single and dual), ton cylinder scales and accessories


* in-stock